How to Play Live Casino

live casino

When you play live casino, you’ll be connecting to a real dealer who is streamed to your computer or mobile device in real time. This raises the stakes and adds a sense of realism to online gaming, making you feel like you’re in Las Vegas rather than in your kitchen. But what does it take from an operator perspective to get this type of experience off the ground?

Firstly, you’ll need a good quality internet connection. Live games are run in special studios that have been designed to be able to broadcast over the internet in fantastic quality, and most home internet connections should be able to handle it. Having said that, everyone’s setup is slightly different, so it’s important to check with each site you’re considering before playing to see if they can offer you the quality of video stream that you need to be able to enjoy their live games.

A number of different game types are offered by live casinos, including blackjack and roulette. While the rules of each will vary, most follow standard game rules, with players attempting to beat the dealer by drawing up to 16 or standing on 17. There are also multiple side bets in the game, such as pairings, runs and suited cards, which can pay out at higher rates.

In addition to the classic table games, many sites will host a variety of other live dealer experiences as well. These include baccarat and blackjack games where you’ll be teamed up with other players to play against the dealer, as well as poker and sports betting tables.